Key Executive Program

A practical and transformative program developed with CEOs
to prepare key executives for success

The Key Executive Program

When you first step into the top role you find yourself at the intersection of two massively powerful forces:

1. The expectations and demands of external stakeholders—customers, the board, the media and stockholders, investors or owners, etc.

2. The expectations and demands of the entire internal organization— the executive team, functional groups, front line employees etc.— all those who make up the workforce.

As a seasoned executive, you have proven financial skills, strategic skills, operational skills and leadership skills. Yet, when you first find yourself between these two massively powerful forces, simple decisions will too often become staggeringly complex.

Compounding these challenges, you will be alone at the helm—with no peers—and the information pipeline you relied on will have stopped flowing. According to most CEOs, this unexpected isolation along with greatly increased demands and accountability are the realities you will face in the top job.

So how do you prepare for this transition? How do you avoid the typical missteps and get up to speed swiftly?

The Key Executive Program will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need, and more importantly, the peer support and coaching that will ensure your success. The Key Executive Program will give you what you need to avoid transition pitfalls, quickly ramp your performance and deliver the results that all the stakeholders will demand.

I invite you to further explore how we can help you successfully prepare and be ready to move into the top leadership role when the time is right.

Making the Leap from CFO to CEO
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